Eight and a Half

Can’t stop listening to this track at the moment, the Tokimonsta remix is absolutely brilliant too.

Eight and a Half, from Toronto, Canada apparently. That is literally all the information I could find in my extensive search of the first page of Google and Last FM.

I’m assuming the name is taken from the film of the same name about the director who struggles to carry on his success. Good film. The musical remake whose soundtrack I coincidentally worked on is not as good but still possibly worth a watch.

Back to the music, this track is called Scissors, I cant wait to hear more from this band/person.

Scissors by Eight and a Half

I’m sure my house mates are getting sick of me playing this on repeat, but oh well!


Did I mention that the Tokimonsta remix is brilliant too? I did? Well I’ve told you again, listen to it!

Tokimonsta is fantastic she’s made one of my favourite albums of the year and her EP ‘Creature Dreams’ is great.

Scissors (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by Eight and a Half


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