Paradise Lost First Contact

Kicking My Kickstarter Habit?

Kickstarter is great but it’s managed to somehow get its tentacles into my wallet. I’m a sucker for 2d games it seems, maybe I’m just trying to re-live my childhood.

Here’s what I’ve backed recently.

Paradise Lost: First Contact

What isn’t there to love about a Extra Terrestrial plant that goes on a killing spree in a top secret laboratory filled with all manner of test subjects!
The game is fully funded as of this post but some of the stretch goals look worthwhile. Looking forward to getting my green fingers dirty with this.

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works

Next up is the second book from ReadOnlyMemory. Their first book was a retrospective look at Sensible Software, one of the most prolific video game developers of the 90’s with hits such as Sensible Soccer and one of my personal favourite games Cannon Fodder. The book came with beautiful artwork and spoke to the former staff to really shed light on their whole ethos and design mentality while they were building these games. When Read Only Memory announced this book was next I was straight on it. The Mega Drive was a great games console that my brother had and he, myself and our friends used to play it solidly for hours! The new book promises to have archive material direct from the deepest depths of Sega’s vault as well as interviews with many of the key people behind some of my favourite childhood games, personally I can’t wait to read it.

Again funding was swift for this one but the extra money should hopefully help them to put that little extra into the book or even to put them in a better negotiating position for their next book which I hope will come to be the rumoured book on Konami.

Catacomb Kids – A Very Roguelike Platformer

Just watch the video for this one, some clever mechanics and what looks like a rock solid difficulty level have got me looking forward to this.

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