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So I’ve just finished another website for a colleague of mine at the Studio.


It’s been a long time coming having spoke about it many times but never getting round to actually finalising an idea and running with it. The added impetus came when Steve was nominated for a second time to win a Grammy Award for his work on the Adele album ’21’. As you probably know Adele walked off with a truck load of Grammy’s so the tag-line of Grammy nominated engineer soon became Grammy Award winning engineer.

Steve had already chosen a domain his hosting package and two ready made WordPress themes before I came on board, So had the unusual luxury of already knowing boundaries to work within and a clear idea of how to adapt the themes to the needs of the client. A bit of theme editing / design work and photography were what was needed.

Steve Price Homepage


I approached this project more from a creative side rather than my usual mix of creative and development. A little bit of iconography work to make the Grammy Awards and All Music icons, both of which anyone is free to use for themselves by the way, it was good fun (read frustrating) painting individual pixels at a time.


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