This game is beautiful. I’ve been waiting to play it since I saw the trailer a while ago. With the game being an Xbox 360 exclusive for such a long time and my refusal to buy a box that would sit in front of my TV flashing red rings at me I thought I’d never get to enjoy the art of this game. Well now its on PC and I’ve made my way through it.

It’s beautiful!

It’s also a really dark game! Your little character will die many many times in many many horribly extravagant ways, whether its being impaled on a giant spiders leg or crushed by a falling boulder, or even drowing be assured you will die.

But the game is beautiful (Have I not mentioned that yet?) from the black and white colours only to the constant vignetting of the screen and the flickering light that is present throughout the whole game. The whole atmosphere of the game just adds to the feeling of being in some surreal nightmare. The animation of the boy that you play as well as the giant spider that harasses you for the first half of the game and even the other human like characters you meet is brilliant, they have that certain cartoonish feel to them but in the giant spiders case its slow lumbered movement that then jerks into action at a moments notice really does add to the feeling of menace that is persistent throughout the whole quest.

Limbo 1

It’s not only the visuals that impress though, the sound design throughout the whole game is spot on, there’s no music just the sound of a forest and the occasional grating mechanical, sound especially when you come up against the saws, and the sound of the people and creatures you come across in the game. Another sound you will have to get used to is the sound of you being stabbed, spliced, impaled and squashed all eventualities come with their own grotesquely accurate sound. I played this game when i arrived back late from work one night and sat through it in a darkened room, the sound certainly help to engross me within the Limbo world and the feeling of being stuck in a really bad nightmare. I wont ruin the story, and I couldn’t if I tried as there really isn’t a story, the desire to survive and reach the end outweighed any need for any sort of narrative though and the end for me was satisfyingly unimportant.

Limbo 2

A nice little touch when you inevitably die be it via drowning or impaling yourself on a hidden pit of razor sharp spikes is the way the eyes of the boy just dim from bright white to nothing. It really is a brutally brilliant game and little touches such as that just help envelop you in this nightmarish scenario.

I could write more and more about this game but I think you get the gist of it, initially I just wanted to write about the brilliant art and sound design and I probably will when I’ve played through it for a second time but for now I’m just going to savour in the fact that I escaped the nightmare in one piece.

Limbo 3

Brilliant game buy it now on PC or Xbox 360, a PS3 version is in the works at the moment. Definitely going to be creating something in this style with Photoshop.

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