Gridslide jQuery Plugin

I’ve just put up the site for my Gridslide jQuery plugin. It’s a multi-directional image slider that as the description says allows you to have rows of photos i.e. different albums stacked on top of each other and then slide between the photos. This is useful for displaying multiple albums on one page with one slider or for diorama style photo arrays(house cutouts showing individual rooms etc).

I decided to build it as I was playing around with a mockup for a house building site as a bit of practice and thought it would be cool to have an image slider that reacted to a grid of images laid out like a doll’s house cut out, the kind where the front of the house was missing and you could see all the rooms. I’ve seen this layout before but never with an image slider that moved around the house.

Anywho, the plugin is on my github page for download.

gridslide.js on Github

Or you can view the plugin site over at my portfolio on the plugin homepage I built to showcase a few demos and some documentation on using it.

gridslide.js homepage

A couple of screenshots of the two different navigation menus currently available. Definitely looking to improve on this and add features to it. Making it fully responsive, adding callback functionality to the slide event and adding user captions to photos are on my todo list. Any other suggestions and feedback will be welcome!


gridslide img grid

gridslide image grid layout


gridslide button layout

gridslide nav button layout

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