Skate NYC – GoPro

Have you ever had one of those days where you hear about a product or technique that you’ve never heard/seen before and all of a sudden everywhere you look you see it.

Today was one of those days for me. Everyone has seen videos that people have taken where they drive across vast distances and produce a time-lapse video of their journey, personally I’ve seen loads and more often and not they aren’t worth a second view as after the first 10 seconds you’ve seen all there is to see. On the other hand though I love the videos where the unexpected happens or the landscape changes abruptly. I find myself always wishing it would happen as I gaze out of the window of a moving train especially when you enter a tunnel, inside I’m just hoping that the moment we emerge from the darkness the whole landscape would have changed.

For this reason one of my favourite music videos of all time is the video for The Chemical Brothers track Star Guitar directed by Michel Gondry.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Since seeing the video I’ve filmed out of many train windows but not currently having a video camera other than the built in one on my phone the results are never great and creating something from them wouldn’t produce a great result.

Anywho, back on subject, Skate NYC is a video created by Josh Maready from, you guessed it, NYC. Using a GoPro camera which until today I’d never heard of, I vaguely recollect seeing them somewhere though so I might be lying. The footage he captures is amazing its made me fall in love with skateboarding all over again, the man also has balls of steel skating down a NYC street, I can recall numerous times where an unexpected bump in the road or stone in my path sent me hurtling face first towards the ground. To have this constant hazard made worse by the fact you are surrounded by the gas guzzling monster trucks that Americans seem to love to drive, makes the video even cooler in my eyes.

I love the bit in the skatepark at the end too, overall I just love the video because of the way its shot and the fact it seems to be mostly shot around dusk makes the city around him take on this beautiful glow. Seeing the tricks at the end from this unique perspective is also great!

A guy I went to uni with posted up a video on Facebook today again filming with a GoPro. This is Michael Tempest riding in the Dunwich Dynamo. The lighting and light trails you see in the night footage here are great!

I think I need to get myself a GoPro camera and see what I can come up with.

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