Aldwych Tube Tour

Aldwych Abandoned Tube Station

I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit the Aldwych abandoned tube station this weekend. I like many others am absolutely fascinated with the abandoned stations and hidden areas of London’s underground tube network, and thanks to a birthday gift from my girlfriend I got to spend an hour poking around in one small part of this hidden world.

Aldwych Station

Aldwych station has a very interesting past, from the planning and building of the station, to it’s wartime activities protecting some of Britain’s greatest treasures and museum pieces from the scourge of the Nazi bombing campaign of the 1940’s. The station is now mainly used as a filming location with appearances in the latest series of BBC’s Sherlock and scenes from V for Vendetta among others. Most of it’s fascinating history can be read on the Aldwych tube station Wikipedia page. The station is currently a wide mix of old and new with original track from the 1900’s sitting alongside reproduction posters and artwork leftover by the various film crews who have used the station. At one end of one disused platform were the leftovers of TFL’s experiments into the decoration of certain stations and tile patterns, put up to give TFL a real view of how a station would look when a certain design or pattern is implemented.


TFL Design Test

The visit was also a great opportunity to try out my new/used Ricoh GRIV digital camera. I managed to pick this up for a pretty good price on ebay for carrying around to occasions just like this where an unwieldy DSLR would be too cumbersome or annoying to carry. A few of the shots I took can be seen below. I had the camera set to just take jpegs so I haven’t spent any time touching them up as I was mainly interested to see the quality of the camera at it’s most basic functionality. The lack of light and the amount to see meant I didn’t take as much time as I should of with some of the shots so a few are a little out of focues etc.

The Booking Hall






Tunnels & Platforms

The lift shaft

The lift shaft

Aldwch Tunnel

Old Stock

Old Tube Stock

Reproduction posters left by film crews

Reproduction posters left by film crews



Grade I listed track dating from the early 1900's

Grade I listed track dating from the early 1900’s


Unfinished platform

The unfinished platform




The station was used by so few people they only finished half of the platform

The station was used by so few people they only finished half of the platform

Times are changing?

Times are changing?



Unfinished Walkways

Unfinished Walkways


I’ll hopefully post the rest of the photos to my Flickr account in the next few days and will update this post with links.

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