Welcome to my new blog.

I started this blog purely as a exercise in learning all about WordPress but it’s become my little corner of the Internet.

I’ve been building websites here and there with purely html, css and a sprinkling of javascript/jquery but I’d never ventured very far into a CMS environment before, apart from the sporadic interactions with Drupal through my old housemate. I thought it was time i really dived into one to give clients (and myself) an easier ride when it comes to updating content and just generally being able to modify a site without breaking something crucial inadvertantly, although somehow i still manage that one occasionally.

So anyway, I will be posting useful tips and tricks to do with wordpress, html, css, jquery, etc etc as well as stuff that i find interesting both in my day to day activities in the real world and those i find interesting while trying my best to consume the entire internet through my eyes! I wont just be limited to web development is what I think I’m trying to say.

This sites design is also likely to change and modify as the weeks go on too as I’ve got a few things that i want to change, as you can probably see from the thumbnail i posted above which includes an earlier colour scheme for my site. I’m glad to say its now less green and hopefully less vomit inducing. That never ending cycle of doubting your past achievements carries on but there we go.

If you find anything not quite working with the site or you just have a general suggestion,criticism(not too harsh I’m a sensitive type) then please contact me through the contact page or email me at dan (at) danpurdy.co.uk, I will get back to you.

Hopefully if you have found this then google didn’t disappoint you!



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