Raspberry Pi Gaming Second Edition

Raspberry Pi Gaming Book Review

I was recently asked by the guys at Packt Publishing to help out on their latest book on Raspberry Pi’s by becoming a technical reviewer. The book has just been released and is available to buy now. Titled Raspberry Pi Gaming (2nd edition) it features a beginners guide to getting up and running with the Raspberry Pi, many of the most popular emulator packages and open source games. It also gives covers getting started with using the scratch visual programming language that comes bundled on all Pi’s these days as well as taking your first steps into Python and modding Minecraft on the Pi. For those that just want to play their favourite rom’s there’s a section on using some of the popular system images such as emulation station, it even offers a brief explanation into getting a whole host of controllers working both with USB or even wiring a joystick yourself into the PI’s GPIO pins.

Raspberry Pi Gaming Second Edition

Raspberry Pi Gaming Second Edition by Shea Silverman

Overall it’s a great book for those looking to take their first steps with a Raspberry Pi or a cheap way of keeping the kids entertained!

I enjoyed the process of reviewing the book and helping to make sure the book is as error free and up to date as possible. It’s great to see the book is out there now for people to enjoy, with a few five star reviews already on Amazon.

The author Shea Silverman has done a great job of getting all of the information you need into one place to enable you to make your own decisions on how you setup your PI and what you do with it.

Off the back of this I’ve also been asked to technically review another book which I’ll be able to talk about soon!

Where can I get it?

Raspberry Pi Gaming Second Edition by Shea Silverman is available to buy now.
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