Moment Skis

Web Design Inspiration #1

I’ve been browsing through the Css Awwwards site again and as usual I’m feeling incredibly inspired by some of the great sites they have featured. Below are just a few of the sites I’ve found recently that really inspire me to carry on with certain ideas.


Moment Skis

Moment Skis are a ski shop but their site is beautiful, if you didn’t know anything about the site and you couldn’t read the word skis I reckon you could still guess that it was something to do with skiing. The whole design has that retro textured look but its the simplicity of it that stands out.

Multiple scrollers for all front page content, the products they are selling are present within a dropdown box on every page again within a scroller. Everything is just there and easy to get to.

The team page is nicely presented in a mosaic style gallery. And I do love the font they are using.

Moment Skis


From The Rough!/start/

 “FROM THE ROUGH is based on the true story of Catana Starks, a former swim coach at Tennessee State University who became the first woman ever to coach a college men’s golf team.”

This site makes great use of images. The first page you reach is just a fading show of images with simple text and options. Once you delve deeper into the site you are greeted with a new experience on each page. The cast page is a full page size scroller but once you hover over the bottom of the page the main navigation appears and from here you can explore the main bulk of the site and also the main attraction for me.

The next few pages basically take on the function of a map each of the headings only moves you to a seperate section of this one page/map. Just another take on the one page design you see so often on portfolio pages these days but its done incredibly well.

From The Rough



Draw A Stickman

Now for something fun. A great example of imaginative Javascript and JQuery coding. Nothing much to say about this one, just try it out for yourself.

Just be mature with the stickman you draw, ok?  <.<

Draw A Stickman


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